Hot Wax Treatment

Winning Post Consultancy Ltd are happy to be able to rejuvenate old and tiredwax surfaces. Working with Sportrack Synthetic Surfaces Ltd we can add hot wax to any existing surface.

Through extensive research, we have developed a unique system of adding hot wax to existing arena or gallop surfaces. The hot wax coating can be used to rejuvenate existing waxed surfaces as they age and begin to dry, prolonging the life of the surface and returning it to what it once was.

Racing surfaces and training gallops can dry out rapidly due to their continued power harrowing and turning of the surface to provide the required amount of cushioning.

With our range of mobile equipment, we can prepare your old surface, add extra silica sand or fibres if needed. Power harrow the surface so it is ready to take the hot wax. Spray and incorporate the hot wax into the surface and leave ready for use.

For further information, please contact us or Sportrack Synthetic Surfaces Ltd.

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